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Water & Electricity are ON!

In this video we show you that the water is flowing and the electricity is running at our project, Vista De Sueños. These are crucial first steps that are needed to begin the construction at the project.


Investing in Your Dreams – Video

Win/Win/Win Investments

Every once in a while an opportunity comes along that doesn’t just tug at your wallet but also at your heart. There are authors and Gurus who will tell you to only work on what you love and invest in what you care about without concern for rewards or returns. There are also those who will tell you to put all feelings, emotions and intuition aside and take a completely logical and analytical approach to your endeavours and investing. May I propose a balance of benefits of both. I’ve played both sides of the spectrum both in investing and in my past businesses. I have found that both paths have great benefits, yet each has it’s limitations and sacrifices.  Not knowing all the details can land you in a well paying project that hurts people in a third world country, or being involved with an investment that makes a huge difference in the world but leaves you worrying about whether your retirement funds are in jeopardy.

In today’s uncertain economic climate it is easy to see how important the need is for safe secure investing. It is also important to note that there is a shift in the global marketplace where trust, honesty and transparency takes precedence over high returns and flashy advertising. Trust today is more important than ever. It’s not that it ever wasn’t it’s just that people are becoming more aware of it’s necessity. You must know who you are dealing with, what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Every once in a while, you need to step back and refocus, re-evaluate and reorganize your financial objectives. When you do this make sure you are partnered with the right team of people. Partner with those who have like goals and values that not only will make you sleep well at night but also provide you with fantastic returns. Many years ago my Martial arts Master, Yang Jwing Ming told me to only do things that benefited me, others and the greater good. A win/win/win if you will. Try it, it’s million dollar advice.


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Moving to Costa Rica

Says Fox News Latino

So the famous Actor and Actress couple, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, are moving to Costa Rica! This just goes to show you that people from all walks of life are seeing the immense potential that this little country holds. The super star couple, who have six children from ages 3 to 11, could choose any country in the world to make their home. A “source” says that the acclaimed actor “loves the country and is considering buying some Costa Rican property so they can spend some time there when life gets less hectic for them.” reports Fox News.

Being the father of seven amazing children, and having recently moved them and my wife to Costa Rica, I can completely understand the motivation to want a piece of this paradise. I came here a month ago to be front and center with our Higher Life land development project, Vista De Sueños in Esterillos, Costa Rica. This however was only part of the motivation to move to Paradise. Very much like the super star couple, I too want the best for my children and after searching the world over, I have found Costa Rica to be one of the best options available for my personal Higher Life.  The people are amazing, the environment is second to none and no one can argue with the low costs of building and property taxes. I can build a million dollar quality home in Costa Rica for $80-$95/sqft whereas the same home in Canada or the US would cost me between $200-$250/sqft. That and the fact that property taxes are ONLY 0.25% and you soon realize that you don’t need to be a multimillion dollar movie star to get your own beautiful piece of this paradise.



Leaving the USA

Finding a $afe Haven

For a long time the United States of America was seen as a land of opportunity and freedom. It was a shining beacon of light in a world of unjust practices and inequality. Lately, it seems that may be a vision of the past. Today… the freedom and practices of the good ol’ US of A is changing again.

“In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights in America.” Says the News Voice. It appears that another bill has “slipped” in that erodes the safety and rights of the average American citizen. So how are American’s handling this? Well some sit by in disbelief, some fight it.

There is however another group of people who claim to “see the writing on the wall” and become “expats”.  An expatriate is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing. Many expats who are leaving the USA are doing so because of the rapid erosion of their civil liberties and the impending financial crisis part two. A crisis that some say could be many times worse than the one we experienced a few years ago. So where are these expats going? One such place is Costa Rica, another is Panama where more favorable tax laws exist.

The main reasons that expats are emigrating to countries like Costa Rica are:

  • The close proximity to the USA, which allows the ease of visiting friends and family.
  • Economic stability and lack of unrest (Costa Rica abolished it’s army and diverted those funds to education and the environment).
  • The climate (Atenas, Costa Rica rated the best climate in the world, by National Geographic)
  • A highly educated work force and English as a second language is taught in schools. This makes for a great place to start businesses and investments.
  • Costa Rica is the most visited country for tourism in Latin America.
  • The environment. Costa Rica is known for it’s flora, fauna and abundant wildlife. It has some of the strictest environmental protection laws in the world. This creates a fantastic place for Eco-tourism as well as a beautiful and naturally abundant place to live year round.
  • The People. Known as some of the Happiest people on earth by several studies.

With this migration of US citizen also goes their hard earned money. Expats are usually well informed about the economic instabilities that have arisen in their country and are searching for safe locals in which to invest.

Michael Simons, a successful realtor in Costa Rica says “99% of our clients paid cash” on the homes that they bought. That is a huge difference from the 5-20% deposits made on homes in the US. He also says, “I believe Costa Rica has one of the most stable real estate markets in the world.” This has drawn the attention of hundreds of thousands of Americans in their search for a safe haven for their investment dollars.  With over 2 million people visiting Costa Rica a year for tourism, it appears that a sizeable amount of them are visiting on business as well as pleasure. As soon as you land in the San Jose Airport in Costa Rica it becomes very apparent that the Costa Rican real estate  market is doing far better than it’s North American counterparts.

If you are one of those thinking about leaving the US or searching for a place to protect your investment dollars, contact us, we can help you.



Costa Rica Real Estate Investors Market Update For The Area Around Liberia International Airport

Article from http://www.welovecostarica.com

Costa Rica Realtor Michael Simons

People always ask me how our real estate market is doing, is it stable? Did we see a big fall out like the USA?

I believe Costa Rica has one of the most stable real estate markets in the world for a couple of reasons:

99% of our clients paid cash.

There is no formal MLS in Costa Rica.

People can blame whoever they want for the crash of the real estate market in the USA. You can say it was greedy real estate agents, pushy mortgage brokers, banks looking the other way. You can blame it on one President or another or the law that was passed to allow easier access to housing which opened the door to non-qualifying loans. And all of these might be true but… READ MORE


New & Improved

Higher Life Estates is getting an upgrade! We are currently developing a new portion of our website to display our new projects in Costa Rica. Our site will become more interactive with weekly video blogs and articles on every aspect of our developments and investment opportunities. As well you can enjoy an ever flowing resource of information about markets, alternative investing and investment and financial education that anyone can use to get onto the financial fast track and into their Own Higher Life.