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Shocking Retirement Stats

Only 4% of Americans (and possibly Canadians too) will have enough money at retirement to stay above the poverty line without help from friends, family, and the government. 63% are in trouble since the average support cheque from the government will be around $450 in 10-15 years (not taking into account taxes and inflation). Only 1% will be considered “wealthy” which means having enough money saved to earn $3000+/m from passive income on investments. This is not considered wealthy by today’s standards but in the future may be considered an exception and not the norm.

If you think you may be part of the 96% who will need help, contact us today to start working on your plan to be part of the 1%.

If enough people make better choices with their money today, there will be more of it still around tomorrow. Perhaps together we can help make that 1% larger.