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Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 and Costa Rica – VIDEO

Costa Rica is known for its drive towards the goal of being carbon neutral in 2021. Below you can see how Costa Ricans are working in this way to bring that goal to reality by joining the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. As sustainable developers, it is our personal goal to do our part to not only reach this goal but to serve our home, Terra Firma, by building homes and communities that enhance life for all creatures on this planet.

“The Solar Decathlon Europe is one of the world’s major powers on issues of sustainable development and energy efficiency. It consists of the design, construction and operation of eco-friendly homes. Intelligent participation in the competition, represents a unique opportunity to showcase talent and innovative capacity to the globe. Furthermore, it presents as a platform to enhance cooperation between academia and the private sector, especially with visionary companies who have taken the path towards energy efficiency, innovation, sustainable development and harmony with the environment.”

“El Solar Decatlon Europa es una de las competencias más importantes del mundo en temas de desarrollo sostenible y eficiencia energética. Consiste en el diseño, construcción y operación de casas ecoamigables, inteligentes y autosuficientes.Nuestra participación en dicha competencia, representa una oportunidad única para demostrar el talento y la capacidad innovadora costarricense en el ámbito global. Además, se presenta como una plataforma para potenciar la cooperación entre la academia y el sector privado, en especial, con empresas visionarias que han tomado la ruta en pro de la eficiencia energética, la innovación, el desarrollo sostenible y la armonía con el ambiente.”

Source: http://youtu.be/xP42LuIpI3k

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